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Specialists in realizing dreams and life projects: your home in Portugal.



After a meeting to define issues such as location, size, characteristics and budget, we will make a selection of properties that fit your needs. Ideally, in person visits are made, however, if this is not possible due to distance, we will make a virtual visit. 

After the decision on the property, we take care of all the necessary documentation, including the deed and registration.


Buying a property is a complex decision, and several factors must be considered. Most real estate agents adopt the prospect and sell format, focusing on the property, and the seller. We understand that the most important person in a real estate sale is the buyer, not the seller. Therefore, our approach is the opposite of the traditional one, it is centered on the buyer and his family, on his project, his lifestyle and his needs.

To succeed in this mission, we work closely with our clients to understand what they need and to look for the most suitable one among the properties currently offered on the market. For this, we work in collaboration with the majority of traditional agencies in mainland Portugal and Madeira.


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Want to move to Portugal, but still don't want to buy a property?
Do you want to experience living in one or more cities before deciding to buy?

Are you a digital nomad and not interested in staying in one place?

Do you want to rent a property for your student son in Portugal?

Whatever your reason for renting a property, we can help you find the ideal place, furnished or unfurnished.

In the absence of a guarantor, whenever the owner agrees, we can recommend guarantee insurance provided by the largest insurance companies in Portugal.


Are you a landlord but don't want the headache of selecting tenants, dealing with lease agreements, billing, receipts and issues that may arise?

Our team of administrators and our legal department take care of all stages, choosing the best tenant, with good financial capacity and who will respect your property.

We deal with the selection of the tenant, lease contact, maintenance and administration of the property and collection of rents.

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Transparency is very important to us. For this reason, we expose here the fees charged in case of lease.

Property search                           RATE

to tenant:             VALUE OF AN INCOME


Administration                               RATE

of the lease:        15% OF INCOME PER MONTH


To the above amounts, VAT is added at the legal rate practiced.

Comerciante e arquiteto no canteiro de obras


Whether to build or remodel the house your way, or for flipping and resale, we have a team of architects and contractors ready to carry out your project with quality and efficiency.


If you prefer to buy your home with real estate credit, we work with all banks in Portugal to get the best rates and the lowest down payment, even for non-resident foreigners. Consult us!

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